The Board of Directors at e4itek are distinguished by their knowledge and expertise from diverse fields of business.Their leadership and guidance ensures that our clients receive the most effective and professional service from e4itek.

Jan Zakarian


Chairman of the board

Expertise: Management, Sales

Nationality: Swedish

Jan Zakarian holds an MBA from the university of Gothenburg, Sweden. He has over 20 years of management experience in automotive and medical device sectors. As our chairman he is always available for general advice on all aspects of project development.

Suzan Mukuze


Board Member & Head of Sales

Expertise: Sales

Nationality: Zimbabwean

Susan Mukuze holds a Masters’ degree in Material Science and Engineering from Donghua University Shanghai, China. Susan commands over a large network of manufacturers and suppliers. She also heads our overseas sales and distribution division. Susan spends half her time based in the China office and the other half all over Africa.

Mr. Shen Yubiao (Sam)


Board Member

Expertise: Legal

Nationality: Chinese

Mr. Shen Yubiao (Sam) graduated from the University of Toronto, Canada and is a member of SYNC Technology Law Group. He counsels in international trade, corporate law, business registrations in China, trademarks customs regulations and laws in China and service matters to clients including licensors, purchasers, and vendors. Sam is the chief counsel at e4itek for legal matters in China that can occasionally be challenging.

Morten Fausboell

Board Member & Head of Procurement

Expertise: Strategic Sourcing

Nationality: Danish

Morten Fausboll is a graduate of Chinese and Business from Aarhus University of Denmark & Tianjin University in China. Morten has lived and worked in China for many years enabling him to fluently grasp and add mandarin onto his language skills set, a fundamental tool required to build business ‘guanxi’ in China. He has more than 10 years of experience in global strategic procurement management, working for various big European organisations. Morten is based in China and is our guide in matters related to conducting business in China, to make sure that we cover all angles in high value transactions.

Eric Hoefmans


Board Member

Expertise: Project Managment

Nationality: Dutch

Eric Hoefmans holds MSc Policy Research & Organization and BBA degree in Business. Since his arrival in China in 2009, Eric has acquired broad experience of sourcing in China and has expertise in building & construction materials, prefab solutions & LED lighting. As the sourcing specialist, Eric contributes invaluably in supplier selections and creating channels for business arrangements.


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