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Representative office in China

e4itek offers a full range of services that enables you to extend your presence in China. Doing so will allow your company to professionally procure required products at best value and avoid establishing an office in China, avoiding related costs. We become an extension of your purchasing/quality department, operate in close alignment and become the link that qualitatively handles your connection to local factories in China, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.​


e4itek is a locally registered company and therefore we get local prices. Our team is multi-national. This ensures that international standards are upheld. Your company continues to focus on growing the business on your market and e4itek secures your value chain in China.​


We know how frustrating it could be to want to reach out but have language challenges; to want to reach out but not know where to start from when hundreds of factories are producing the same product; to want to reach out but have limited knowledge about the country; to try to reach out but are still too far. Contact e4itek, we will bring the suppliers to you!

Manufactured in China - The Truth!

Many questions about China’s manufacturing standards are subject of discussion. It would be unfair to see all Chinese companies in a negative light as most of them make high quality products that match international standards.

​Each year, more and more manufacturing companies are gaining international recognition for quality and lead-time. This trend will only accelerate. In fact, many international companies have their factories in China and produce a great variety of different products, ranging from low to high tech. The advantage of low price does not necessarily mean low quality. It is all about clear specifications, good communication and trust. Factors that require local presence!

Do I really need e4itek?

Reliable companies such as e4itek are in most cases the best choice for small to medium scale importers. If your answer to any of the following 4 key questions is NO, then it is advisable to engage with us:


  • Do you have time to follow production, inspection and spend 15 hours a week for each supplier?
  • Can you come to China or Asia and inspect factories before choosing the supplier and inspect each container before being sealed and shipped?
  • Do you have technical understanding of Chinese language, Chinese business protocol, Chinese ‘guanxi’?
  • Do you know your supply chain and have you taken all measures necessary to reduce risks related to quality, specifications, finance, etc?
  • Can you plan a business trip to Asia to meet all your suppliers by yourself, make arrangements for domestic travel, accommodation, airport shuttle?


The more “NOs”, the better off you will be with e4itek at your side.



Contact us today to discuss your project and how we can help you buy directly from China. You will receive a personal response within 24 hours.

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